MyDystonia APP

Some of you will already know about the MyDystonia App which has been developed by Dystonia Europe.

It is an electronic diary to record your symptoms, daily, weekly or how ever often you want to.

From the information you put into the app you can create a report of your symptoms to show your consultant.

This can be in text or a graph. Personally I prefer to show my consultant a graph of my symptoms as he can very easily see when I have had the best benefit from my botulinum toxin injections.

It is also very easy to see when my symptoms have been temporarily worse or better and with other information you can record you can analyse this to see why your symptoms were worse or better. For example you may have had a stressful day, you may have done something unusual for you or you may have been exercising.

The app is currently being update to version 2.0 which promises to be even better than the original version!

The app is free to download onto your computer, tablet or smart phone and your data is kept private and confidential. At some time in the future the data will be used for research purposes but it will be completely anonymous, you personal details will not be shared with anyone or any organisations etc.

I highly recommend you give it a try and please let us know what you think by using the help function within the app.

Gill Ainsley, ADDER Treasurer and Administrator.